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Spotted at NYIGF

On Monday I attended the New York International Gift Fair, which is a trade event where about 2,700 vendors exhibit their wares for retailers across the country. The event was HUGE and I don't even think I covered 1/4 of the show. To give you an idea of the scale according to the NYIGF website 31,000 people attend over the span of the 5 days representing all 50 states and 85 countries.

Though I only spent a couple of hours there, I was very inspired by the various wares as well as the vendor displays. No simple tabling here, you're invited into mini showrooms some of which even have couches to lounge on.

I was able to cover the full bath & body type section of the show as I was looking for new products to carry in my shop. I still have to sit down and thoroughly sift through all the catalogs that I received, and will be receiving in the mail. But while I'm still on a high from my quick trip to NYC I'll share a few fun products that I found while roaming around some of the other sections of the show...

1. These cute little felt  gift boxes from Twinkle Kids, whose felt cakes I already loved... would make a nice addition to a sweet/candy shoppe themed party or dessert bar.

2. I was introduced to poo~pourri months ago via the Savor the Success network and was intrigued by the product. I was able to sniff all their various scents while at the show and snagged a sample of the Loo-Pouri, which I'm looking forward to trying. If you aren't familiar with the product it's a proprietary blend of essential oils that you spray into the toilet before you go, the oils form a film over the water which traps odors in, allowing folks to think that maybe your _________ really doesn't stink.

3. Right around lunch time I happened to wander by Reid Foods booth where I got to taste their sweet pepper jalepeno jam and raspberry jalepeno jam which were tasty.

4. I found some absolutely beautiful products in the handmade/fair trade section but one thing I really fell in love with were these belts from Erick & Mike, which can be found online at Southmoon Under. In my photo you can see what a variety of colors and patterns the belts which are made in Indonesia come in, not pictured are the matching bracelets that are available also with wooden clasps.
Photo: Southmoon Under; me

If you visited the NYIGF feel free to link to your post featuring your favorite finds in the comments section.

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