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Is anybody still out there??

It has been soooooo long since I've blogged and I've missed it. I can't promise I'll be as consistent as I was before, but I figured I'd like to get back to blogging at least periodically, because my notebook is still bursting with all the ideas I have yet to share. Meanwhile, I have to re-learn the whole Blogger platform and all the upgrades. The fact that I still get comments on posts I wrote what seems like eons ago, esp in internet time, has also been encouraging.
Life has taken me in a bunch of new directions. I went from being a SAHM mom, to now working part time and going back to grad school. My online store has currently closed, as I pursue other avenues, but I pray that eventually my dreams of being a mompreneur materialize.

Ok so to the topic that brought me here today... Men and pedicures

Last February, I actually wrote a series of posts, that offered a series of suggestions for a co-ed spa party, that wouldn't be too feminine for the guys to enjoy. As I said then, my husband is NOT the type of guy who would normally go anywhere near a foot soak bath. However, he's also switched careers in the past year and now that he is in construction he is on his feet pretty much all day. I've been giving him foot rubs at night, and have been able to even convince him to do Epsom salt foot soaks once a week to help relieve the pain, and to soften his feet making them easier for me to massage.

His birthday is next Monday and I have a series of things planned for Sunday, including visitng Medieval Times. So I figured I should kick the Sunday night foot soak up a notch and do a "foot rub fit for a king" or something along those lines.

So here is the part where I see if anyone is still paying attention. I'm trying to decide what exactly to do, not so interested in the nails part but more so exfoliating and massaging. So here is an initial list of things to throw out, of course I won't do all of them but it'll get the ball rolling. Let me know what you think will work well, what you'd do or if there are anyother suggestions.

  • Marbles at the bottom of the foot bath to help massage (which may be cool since the massage function on the bath does little more than make the water vibrate)
  • Hot rock massage -heated using crockpot
  • Melting paraffin in my crockpot
  •  I think I'll def pick up a ped Egg
  • I do have some powdered milk left over from a chai recipe so I may incorporate that in the soak with the salt instead of my usual vinegar
Any other suggestions, for a manly upgraded foot bath/rub?? Don't worry you won't ruin the surprise as this blog is the LAST place in the net my husband is likely to look.

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News Alert

For anyone that may be wondering, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. In fact, this month marks my first blogaversary. I'm still super excited about the Spa Party Blog and have lots more ideas to share. It seems however, since the beginning of the year that I've had a hard time fitting it all in. Thanks for those of you that subscribe for hanging in there with me while I try to find the magic formula.

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Bath Goodies Dessert Bar

Some time ago, I came up with what I thought was the ingenious idea of having a dessert bar filled with bath goodies, rather than edible treats. Since I'd like for people to hire me to design spa events for them there are some ideas which I put on the "not to blog about just yet" list. BUT, I just came across a great article written in the online magazine Nonpareil, where they give tips, recipes and templates that allow you to create a DIY spa dessert bar, and I had to share it.

                                                                    Photo: Nonpareil Magazine

Since the cat is out of the bag, I might as well chime in with some great picks for a spa themed dessert bar

1. Hand Candies
2. Milk & Cookeez
3. FrenchMacaron Soaps & Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes tutorial by Naiad Soap Arts
4. Mini Towel Cake favors
5. Ice Cream Sandwich Pumice Stone
6. Soap Cakes

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K.I.S.S- Dresses & Bows

I thought I'd kick the week off with a quick K.I.S.S. Here are two Springy DIY projects

Learn how to make these cute napkin dresses via How Does She

 and learn how to make these cute ribbon pomanders via Ruffled

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