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Bath Goodies Dessert Bar

Some time ago, I came up with what I thought was the ingenious idea of having a dessert bar filled with bath goodies, rather than edible treats. Since I'd like for people to hire me to design spa events for them there are some ideas which I put on the "not to blog about just yet" list. BUT, I just came across a great article written in the online magazine Nonpareil, where they give tips, recipes and templates that allow you to create a DIY spa dessert bar, and I had to share it.

                                                                    Photo: Nonpareil Magazine

Since the cat is out of the bag, I might as well chime in with some great picks for a spa themed dessert bar

1. Hand Candies
2. Milk & Cookeez
3. FrenchMacaron Soaps & Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes tutorial by Naiad Soap Arts
4. Mini Towel Cake favors
5. Ice Cream Sandwich Pumice Stone
6. Soap Cakes

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Mischo Beauty April 3, 2010 at 5:13 PM  

Love the ideas! Very creative and inviting. :)

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