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Spa Party of the Month: The Flintstones Meet the Jetset

Whew, this year is flying by, I can't believe we are almost into the 2nd week of February. I've been behind on my blogging schedule, and I still have one more post to complete January's Spa Party of the Month Series.

However, I've been itching to share February's Party theme "The Flintstones Meet the Jetset". This is actually one of the very first themes I cooked up when I initially decided to launch this blog in April of last year. Since it is a couples party, I've saved it until now, because of Valentine's Day of course.

When coming up with a couples spa party I was very consious of creating a theme I thought that the guys would like as much as the ladies. I skipped all of the cliche V-day reds, pinks, hearts and lace, and tried to come up with a fresh theme that'd work year-round, even for an "over the hill" party.

A tad bit of background... My husband is what some might call a "man's man...think Tim the Tool Man Taylor. The type of guy who doesn't expect his name and spa to occur in the same sentence unless your talking about a massage... and even then it better be a sports massage. He's your pre-metrosexual throwback guy who might even be referred to as a caveman. This party is for just that type of Fred Flintstone guy who has now stepped into the 21st century.

(When I tell you I was excited about this party, I wasn't exaggerating. I created the above Polyvore set in April. It incorporates both treatment & decor inspiration but I'll only be covering the treatments in this post)


While waiting for your treatments play an updated version of Barney & Fred's favorite game by bowling via Wii, and for only about $20 more you can get a Wii Bowling Ball for an even more authentic experience.


Rubble Rub Down: full body hot stone massage (the whole gang would enjoy this one)
 BEDRock Pedicure: "Pillow Pedicure" with hot stone massage (Wilma & Betty)

Pebbles Pedicure: traditional pedi with hot stone foot & leg massage (Wilma & Betty)

Bam Bam Thank You Mam: hot stone foot & leg massage ( Fred & Barney)

the hot stones* work perfectly with a caveman theme and are great warming elements during a cold season.

Most of the treatments are pretty self explainatory, execept for the "pillow pedicure." This treatment which I read about in Nails Magazine, is a soak-less pedicure created by Leslyn Zak of Wild Ivy Day Spa in Rockport, Mass. After running out of pedicure stations during a spa party, this quick thinking therapist developed the treatment on the fly using a massage table. When performed with hot towels and combined with stones I'm sure you won't miss the foot soak at all. In addition to the traditional foot & leg massage, the pillow pedi includes a hand and arm massage while you are waiting for your paraffin dip/masque to be removed; this could easily be substituted or supplemented with a scalp massage if your therapist is licensed or experienced in performing that service. Likewise, the Bam Bam can also include other extremities that don't require disrobing. Since this is a couples event and both parties will be in the room simultaneously, hiring both a massage therapist and a nail tech is a good idea as they may be able to switch off with each other to provide a custom experience.

When booking your therapist, see if they can get their hands on the Earth SpaPedicure Line by CND (Creative Nail Design), formerly known as Raw Earth, this line is supposed to appeal to both men & women and has an earthy/neutral feel. The line consists of a mineral bath, warming scrub, moisture masque & hydrating lotion.  If you are inclined to include a paraffin dip, try a greener and more sanitary alternative, that travels much easier the Soy SpaBath.

Getting the Pebbles Pedi? if your therapist isn't using an electric foot bath, she can also use hot rocks at the bottom of the pedicure tub to prevent the water from cooling too quickly.

You can also enhance your services by adding some warming wraps which come in a cheetah print that'll tie in well with the theme.

* Note: therapists may use actual basalt stones or self-heating (disposable) stones for treatments, inquire when booking if you have a preference.

Would your guy attend this party?

Your Resident Spashionista!


MONICA-LnP February 6, 2010 at 11:08 PM  

what a great idea for a couple spa and for valentines day even better!thanks for sharing!
stopping by from Sits Saturday Sharefest

"And so our stories go..." February 13, 2010 at 9:08 AM  

What a great party idea. It would be wonderful for Valentine's Day.

ג'קוזי February 19, 2010 at 8:34 AM  

Nice treatment details are given. I like Rubble Rub Down, it sounds fun and gives relaxation.

Leslyn Zak June 27, 2010 at 10:34 AM  

Hi there, this is Leslyn Zak creator of the pillow pedicure. Thank you for using my information and giving me credit for it. I am still 8 years later, using the pillow pedicure. My specialty is giving a pedicure at the same time I am givng a facial. I feel it gives the client an overall sense of balance and the two services enhance each other. Lovely.
I now live in Manitou Springs Colorado and my business is The Skin Firm Day

Day Spa in Perth October 27, 2011 at 10:39 PM  

The type of guy who doesn't expect his name and spa to occur in the same sentence unless your talking about a massage... and even then it better be a sports massage

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