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K.I.S.S.: Spice Up Your Wine Glasses

If you thought the coffee stencils were cool, your going to LOVE this! Today The Creative Party Place featured a "Roast & Toast" housewarming party and I just had to share these

wine glasses temporarily etched with cinnamon. I'm sure they'd look beautiful with paprika,cumin or turmeric as well, though you'd have to be careful that the scent of the spices doesn't overpower or conflict with the beverage(s) your serving.

Want a sweeter twist, Fine colored sugar* would probably work well with dessert drinks, or on apothecary/candy shoppe jars at a candy buffet.

this fun Mom & party planner also experimented with the same technique on sippy cups

images from The City Cradle 

 * speaking of sugar... I think this is an ingenious way to label food favors like cocoa, flavored salts, or  vanilla sugars
Photo: c(oi)n:purse

The sugar favors pictured above were given as part of a Sugar & Spice themed shower which had loads of amazing details, described in a series of posts well worth checking out.

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