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Upcycled Sweater Crafts for the Spa

Before I get back to my regularly scheduled blogging (ie finish the Spa Party of the Month before the month is over...) I wanted to share some toasty inpiration...
Spring will be here soon, (fingers crossed)... and you'll be packing up those sweaters until next year (again wishful thinking). But for right now, at least on the East Cost it's still COLD!

After coming across a variety of cute recycled sweater crafts over the last few years something FINALLY clicked, and I realized that these would make a wonderful spa gift set. I know this should have occured to me pre-holidays but better late than never right?

from L-R clockwise:

The lovely wine bottle wraps  (photo: Jenny Liu Photography) by Grey Likes Weddings are what inspired this whole set. Skip the wine bottle and add this cozy covering to a glass full of bath salts, a moisturizing bath oil, or even a bottle of bubble bath, in a comforting scent. Pair them with a set of candles wrapped in a sweater (photo: Country Home via Daily Danny). Why not keep the theme going by including a nice fluffy towel (or better yet bathrobe) and presenting it in it's own little sweater cuff (photo: Faded Plains).

The fourth photo, is a project that's been on my to-craft list for about 2 years, "Soap in a Sweater", or felted soap. These are made by wrapping wool around soap and agitating it until it turns into felt. No washcloth needed and it exfoliates as you scrub. This photo of felted soaps is care of The Twisted Purl Blog which breaks down the why's & how's of making/using felted soap. If your felting the soap yourself, you can choose colors that coordinate with your recycled sweater, and if your brave, even try to recreate a fluer de lis or other graphic that you choose for your towel cuff. Instead of using raffia, wrap a bar or 3 with the same ribbon you use to tie your bath salt cover.

Photo: Daily Danny

And if you want to take the theme a bit further (and when don't I), you can include a tea cup cozy and some herbal tea. Threadbanger has a whole list of tea and coffee sleeve patterns designed to keep your drink hot and your hands comfy.

and just when I thought I was done... I thought to myself "what pray-tell would you packages all these goodies in?" well thanks to Google & Martha....

Now all I'd have to do is make sense of Martha's directions, and take a trip to the Goodwill for some nice sweaters. Of course instead of breaking out the sewing machine you could always wrap a felted sweater around an inexpensive basket.

Your Resident Spashionista!


Anonymous February 28, 2010 at 11:31 AM  

wow, you quite have a sight here! i particularly love the cup sleeves and i'm seriously thinking of making one of my own by knitting..

These are all beautiful and refreshing. I'll add your site to follow.''btw, i'm from SITS.

nice to meet ya:)

im no miss

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