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DIY Manicure: 7 S Strategy

As with any other event you are hosting, using to-do and shopping lists can help a spa party come together much easier. If you are planning on hosting a DIY Manicure or Pedicure party, you can use the 7 S Strategy to think through the treatments you'd like to offer and develop a list of the things that you'll need.

1. Soak: while soakless treatments are definitely an option, many people expect and enjoy a warming, moisturizing soak as part of their treatment. Soaks serve to soften skin and cuticles on preparation for the remainder of the treatment. This is a highly customizable element allows you to really put your own spin on the nail treatments you'll have available. A soak can consist of bath salt, bath tea, bath bomb or melt, warm milk, yogurt, oil or lotion. Some sites will suggest adding liquid soap to water for a manicure/pedicure, I would not recommend this as the detergents in soap can serve to dry out the skin.

2. Shape: be sure to provide guests with implements such as a nail brush, nail clippers, nail files, buffers and orangewood sticks to aid them in tidying up their nails and cuticles.

3. Slough: though this step is especially important when dealing with feet, it is also nice for manicure treatments especially in the colder seasons. The purpose of this step is to remove dry/rough skin to reveal the softer healthier skin underneath. Sugar scrubs are one of my favorite ways to slough off dry skin however salt, tapioca, cous cous, oatmeal, ground nuts and seeds, etc have all be used to create scrubs customized for a variety of skin types/issues or even just to fit in with a theme. It is worth noting that you don't need something abrasive to help remove dry skin. For sensitive skin types, it may be better to use a product that naturally exfoliates skin with a combination of plant and fruit acids. If you'll be using rasps, files or pumice stones to aid in exfoliation make sure you have one for each guest.

4. Slather: healthy skin and nails require moisture. Provide your guest with an oil, lotion, butter or cream, take care to pick a product that does not have water as it's first ingredient. If guests will be applying polish after moisturizing, advise them to swipe nails with a polish remover before proceeding in order to remove the oil from the nail bed. Cuticle oil also falls under the slather heading olive, grapeseed and almond oils all work well for this purpose.

5. Slick: in addition to a selection of polish colors, you'll have to provide top & under coats. You also have the option of providing drying drops/spray, or nail treatments that serve to strengthen or harden nails. If most of your friends have a signature nail color, tell them they are more than welcome to BYOP (Bring Your Own Polish). Of course you want your guest to have the very best so make sure that polish that you provide is "3 Free". Don't forget the cotton balls/squares. Hint: by using Nailtini laquers, mixers and toppers you and your guests can create a wide array of colors with only a few bottles of product.

  • Style: this completely optional sub category will allow you and your guest to really have fun with your nail designs. Consider introducing them to one of the Fall's hottest nail trends like the Half Moon Manicure, The Ombre Manicure or the Mixed Metal Metal Manicure. You can also mix it up using a rhinestones or decals (especially good for tween parties).

6. Sanitize: I'm sure we've all heard horror stories about skin infections that have resulted from pedicure bowls and manicure implements that have not properly been sanitized. The best way to avoid this is to use disposable implements so that each person has thier own tools (which also make for nice favors). Using a pedicure tub with disposable liners, is another way to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. You'll also want to make sure there are enough paper and/or hand towels for each individual.

7. Signature: now that you've covered the basics, you can take your treatments a step further and truly make them your own. Consider what other pampering treats you can offer your guests, hot towels, herbal shoulder and neck wraps, a wax dip, a clay or mud masque, etc.
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