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Spa Party of the Month: Everything's Comin' Up Roses (Touch)

Back in my May 17th Tweet of the Week post I wrote about Damask roses and the ever popular Damask pattern and promised that I'd cook up a bridesmaid's brunch spa party that combined the two. Well here goes...

A bridesmaid's sprunch is a perfect excuse for the bride and her bridal party to relax before the big day, while getting some necessary beauty treatments. The party is meant to be thrown in late morning/early afternoon prior to the rehearsal dinner (if there is one).

Roses are most associated with love and romance and thus are a perfect theme for a pre-wedding event. However, as you'll see when I get to the decor segment of this series, using yellow roses for decoration signifies joy, friendship and the bonds that one shares with the women who she's chosen to surround herself with on her special day.

The Treatments

Massage (optional)

Note: Though rosewater is an excellent facial toner and there are great rose based facials available, I'd warn against trying any new products on the bridal parties faces only hours before the wedding.

There are actually two different approaches to this spa party in terms of the "flavor" of the treatments, one is a more Eastern feel featuring Moroccan rose oil and yogurt, while the other is a more Western feel featuring a line of Rose & Champagne products.

Scents from the East

Lassi Soak: this treatment is one from my very own imagination and is inspired by a popular drink in India. In my Slumdog Slumber Party food post I featured a recipe for a mango lassi which is essentially a yogurt based smoothie. I've tasted a rose lassi from a local Indian restaurant, and while it is definitely an acquired taste, its contents provided the inspiration for this luxurious spa treatment. You may have heard of the benefits of milk in skincare, as it is rumored that Queen Cleopatra took milk baths to keep her skin smooth, but you may not know the skin loving properties of yogurt. Yogurt has been used for centuries as a skin treatment in countries such as Greece and India, with a higher lactic acid concentration than milk, it soothes, hydrates, tightens and softens the skin. The antibacterial and antifungal properties in yogurt make it excellent for ridding the skin of impurities, and its full of vitamins and minerals like calcium and zinc. In order to create your own rose lassi soak you'll need a ME! Bath Valley of the Roses Bath Ice Cream, yogurt powder, water and fresh rose petals. Dissolve the Bath Ice Cream in warm water, and add yogurt powder according to package directions, sprinkle a few fresh rose petals and enjoy. If you are planning to use the lassi soak for the hands and the feet, add about a cup and a half more water than you want for the feet when mixing, remove the extra liquid and reserve for the nail soak.

Tip: if you want to add a bit of a rosy tint to the soak try adding in a red kid's fizzy tub tints tablet.

After soaking those fingers and toes its time to exfoliate, this simple Rose Mint salt scrub on Bella Sugar or a pre-mixed scrub by Uhma Nagri will surely do the trick of sloughing off the dry skin. For an extra treat ask the esthetician who is providing your services to remove your scrub with a hot towel. The Body Shop's Moroccan Rose Body Milk can be applied to hands/forearms/legs and feet during the customary massage, for dryer areas like heels use a bit of the Moroccan Rose Body Butter for extra moisturizing. In addition to roses, The Body Shop's Moroccan Rose products are laced with lemon oil, a hint of spice, warm vanilla and sensual musk.

If you are looking for a candle that will complement the fragrances used in the treatments as well as add to the ambiance the Moroccan rose petal top candle from Red Flower should do the trick.

Gifting your bridal party flip flops that go with your color scheme is a good way to keep everyone cute and comfy throughout the festivities, present them with their footwear at the sprunch so they don't get their pedis messed up. There are plenty of options in wedding flip flops like Dessy's matte satin or taffeta, and sandals with a bit of bling like Jamie Krietman, Girl Two Doors Down, Deborah Evans, or studded Havaianas from

Western Sensibility

For a take on the rose that originates a little closer to home ask your esthetician about Keyano's Champagne and Rose line that is only available to salon and spa professionals. Your treatments would begin with the Champagne and Rose Mineral bath, followed by the companion scrub, and topped off with the hydrating butter cream, the company also makes a Champagne and Rose candle.


If your nail technician is worth her salt you and your guests will receive massages for your lower legs, forearms, hands and feet as part of your manicure and pedicure services. However, some brides may opt to further de-stress by getting a more extensive massage especially in those areas that seem to hold tension like the back and shoulders. For the bride on a budget, you can purchase a chair massager that can be placed over the chair where your guests will receive their hand and foot treatments. Another fairly inexpensive option is to hire a chair massage therapist, which generally runs for about $60/hr, and offer the bridal party 10-30 minute massages. If you really want a treat, you can opt for the full body massage, which requires more privacy, and more time. The Body Shop, Uhma Nagri, and Keyano all offer rose scented massage oils to fit in seemlessly with the other treatments you chose. If you do choose to go with a full body massage make sure that your therapist knows that you have a wedding coming up soon. If the massage is too intense you could experience soreness, similiar to that feeling you'd get after a hard workout, and no one wants walk down the aisle in pain.

Francoise Rapp, renowned aromatherapist and alchemist suggests placing towels in a crockpot of water set on low with two drops of rose essential oil, to wrap over the face when the massage is complete.


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