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Tweet of the Week (May 17th)

It all started with a simple Retweet...

RT @trendsettingwed Freebie on trendsetting wedding: Hollywood Glam table numbers: Happy Friday! :) (very nice)

Trendsetting wedding is a blog full of entertaining ideas, design ideas and a host of other creative tidbits as the author (Kristine) calls them. I've recently stared following her on Twitter and decided to RT her FREE Printable "Hollywood Glam" table numbers.

The table numbers reminded me of a party that was featured on another blog recently b/c of the use of the Damask pattern. Among other things I happen to be a google fanatic so I promptly Googled to find how else folks around the net have been using Damask in their party decor. This resulted in a series of tweets on my part sharing all of the sites I'd come across:

#1 If you liked the Hollywood Glam table #s from @trendsettingwed you'll love this Damask tablescape by Paper & Cake

#2 Now I'm on a Damask kick so click here , ,

Ok last one promise damask lollipop favors http://www.accenttheparty.c... going to watch TV w. the hubby now night tweeples

Now that I was fully in love with Damask, I decided I'd have to feature it in one of my spa parties. What I love about Damask is that depending on the color combination you choose, you can elicit both vintage and modern at the same time, romantic and sophisticated, traditional and trendy, I'm guessing you get the point. In my limited experience w. Damask I've most seen it used in Parisian themes, however before I use an element in a party I like to do my homework so back to Google I went.

I discovered that the name Damask is actually derived from Damascus (as in the city in Syria), where in the 12th century this method of fabric making was perfected, though the fabrics were first produced in China, India and Persia.

Interestingly, enough earlier in the day I had been researching roses for another party and found out the the Damask rose, whose name also references Damascus, is one of the two major species of roses cultivated for use in cosmetics, and perfumes. In fact, one of the ME! Bath Ice Cream Product samples that I ordered was the Valley of Roses scent derived from pink Persian (Damask) roses, and it smells just delightful.

I'm considering combining the two elements Damask print & roses for a bridesmaids brunch and featuring it as my August Spa Party of the Month.

A bit of folklore...

Roses have been written about throughout history, for their scent, beauty and healing properties, and are symbolic of love and a host of other emotions depending on the flowers color and culture in which they are found. The use of rosewater preceded the use of rose otto/attar (rose oil). Pure rose oil, in fact, is more expensive than gold as it takes no less than 180 lbs of roses to produce just one ounce of rose oil and 3-5 tons of rose petals to make just a pound of the sweet smelling oil.

Rose oil is said to have been discovered between 1582-1612 on the occasion of the wedding of the Persian Emperor
Djihanguyr to Princess Nour-Djihan. In preparation for the wedding festivities the Emperor had a canal dug which encircled the palace gardens and had it filled with rosewater. The sun began the natural distillation process which separated the oil from the water. As the newlyweds strolled through the gardens the princess notices the oily dew on the surface of the water. She ran her fingers through the scented water and found that a fragrant oil clung to her hands. From then on the Emperor had it produced and bottled as a tribute to her. Similarly, it is reported that at the wedding of Shah Jahan, to Mumtaz Mahal (for whom he later built the Taj Mahal and Shalimar) guests were carried by boat through fragrant water covered by rose petals, and once again the sun caused rose oil to be produced on the water's surface.

* Note: If you too are in love with damask I've found a Free printable damask wedding invitation suite that includes templates for invites, response cards and thank you cards in a variety of colors here


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