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Spa Party of the Month: Hippie Luxe

The "Summer of Love" may only be a memory, but a hippie inspired spa party is a great way to spread love, beauty and peace among chicks of any generation. Guests will experience a natural high with relaxing treatments and groovy body art, and happiness will surely ensue.


Hippies were all about alternatives to the mainstream so why not have some fun books on alternative healing/therapies available for browsing while guests wait. Books on color therapy/colorstrology, numerology, astrology, crystal therapy and even kokology can provide light reading and generate conversation.

Another therapeutic and healing art from the East is yoga. You can spring for a private yoga lesson for your group or simply set up a meditation corner with flash cards depicting poses for guests to try.


Stoned Massage
Invite your guests to get stoned. No need to worry about your neighbors calling the cops this very legal treatment will have your guests feeling like they are floating on air. Hot stone massage is a specialty treatment that uses smooth heated rocks helping relieve tight muscles and allowing skilled therapists to more easily perform deep tissue massage. If your expecting a large crowd or don't want to incur the expense of full body massages, offer hand, foot or facial massages which target some of the most overworked muscles in the body but take a lot less time and require less privacy.


Add a fun, funky and "alternative" beauty treatment to your hippie inspired spa party by inviting a henna artist to bless your guests with temporary body art. While any pattern will do, I've found some great patterns on Catherine Cartwright Jones' website The Reverend Bunny's Secret Henna Diary. The Heart, Peace 2 & 3, Zena, Flower, Barefoot, Dragonfly all seem appropriate for the hippie theme. For a quick and colorful alternative to henna offer airbrush tattoos using the same peace and love inspired patterns.

Green Thumb

If you want to give your guests an even more treats offer manis and/or pedis as well. You can hire a professional esthetician or set up DIY manicure stations. Check out my posts on green manicures for tips on products to use and how to tips. Adding flower petals or herbs to a hand/foot soak will fit in nicely with the "flower power" vibe.

In the next blog post in this series I'll cover what to foods to serve, as guests are likely to be famished after getting stoned.


Coretta November 23, 2009 at 2:20 AM  

I love henna! I had a Tanzanian bride and that is a part of their cultural tradition as well.

Stesha November 23, 2009 at 6:59 PM  

I've always wanted to try a stone massage, but none of the spas in my area offer that type of massage.

Hugs and Mocha,

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