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Find: Diaper Zoo

The little cutie to the left is the diaper elephant I concocted with the help of the wondrously detailed e-book from Brenda over at Diaper Zoo. Diaper Zoo is a must see if you are planning a baby shower. The owner used to sell her diaper creations but now devotes her time to coming up with new products which she teaches you to DIY with her very reasonably priced e-books, featuring photos of each step.

For my own baby shower, we whipped up a mini menagerie of elephants, and giraffes grazing on a piece of green felt, decorated with little sunflowers from the scrap booking section. I set these under the money tree also inspired by a Diaper Zoo creation, at the time Brenda had not yet released the how-to ebook for the tree so I was left to my own devices to figure it out, and thankfully she gave me some tips via email. Instead of using the tree to collect money, it functioned as a sort of wish tree, where guests were asked to leave motherly advice.

Below I've featured a few more of my favorite projects from the Zoo.


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