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Find: Tie Chair

This past weekend I attended a wedding with my 17th month old in tow. I didn't get the opportunity to do much socializing as I was too busy trying to keep the little wiggler in my lap and not running down the aisles. As there weren't any high chairs or booster seats my husband and I took turns eating and passing the baby back and forth.
While many wedding receptions are adult only, kids do sometimes attend formal events. Couples may have children of their own or have neices/nephews, etc. that will be attending the wedding. Attending special events with toddlers can be fun with forethought and preparation, neither of which I personally employed.
This tie-chair is one element that party guests or hosts that think ahead can incorporate for family friendly events. It's great because for one it looks much better than restaurant high chairs and is cleaner to boot; there is no need to worry about the perpetually broken or non-existent straps in commercial high chairs because the ties are built right in; parents hands stay free, kids butts stay put; it is ultra portable.

For those party hosts that really want to have even the toddler seating tie in seamlessly with their decor, this tutorial by jan andrea, demonstrates how to make similar "chair slings" in a fabric of your choosing. If your going the DIY route, why not whip up phone book covers with a little batting, for those little bottoms that could use a boost. Adding a side or back pocket, in which to stash toys or wipes also isn't a bad idea if you want to keep little hands busy and clean during the event. Putting coloring books, and knick-knacks in a chair pocket is also a way for hosts to show they thought about their tiny guests without cluttering or overshadowing their table decor. More tips on how to throw a kid-friendly event.
Tip: If you are a wedding guest with a toddler buy enough extra fabric to make yourself a nice ring or pouch sling that is dressier than your everyday baby carrier. Free sewing tutorials for these can also be found on jan andrea's site for you or your seamstress to follow.


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