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My First K.I.S.S

K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Soiree. This is where I'll feature simple tips that'll help set your party apart from the pack, or make hosting a tad bit easier. Aside from cake and ice cream the most popular food found at children's parties is Pizza. It's easy, yummy, and usually even picky eaters can't wait to get their hands on a slice. However, it remains a guilty pleasure because let's be honest it isn't the healthiest food, though it does cover a few food groups in one bite. Lately, I've been somewhat addicted to Kashi's pizzas, which to my pleasant surprise are pretty tasty. With their seven whole grains and veggie toppings it's a pizza that health conscious parents will feel more comfortable serving to their children's friends or their own. Kashi even makes a Sicilian Veggie pizza without cheese on it, perfect for those with dairy allergies (like myself….though I cheat and eat the regular kind), or for those who are lactose intolerant. My two favorite at the moment are the thin crust pizzas Spinach and Mushroom and Roasted Vegetable. If you're looking for a canapĂ© that's slightly more sophisticated than pizza bagels try cutting the pizza into bite sized pieces and topping each bite with a slice of turkey pepperoni or pancetta (which I don't personally eat but always see it on the Food Network.)

And as always if you have a simple party tip email and it could be featured here (you'll be given credit of course).


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