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Making the Most of This Blog

Many bloggers, myself included have the tendency to throw up fancy RSS buttons, social networking/bookmarking buttons and a variety of other bells and whistles to help the readers of our blogs connect with us and each other. We tend to assume that these functions are so intuitive or common knowledge that they don't need any explanation. Thanks to the advice of Problogger Darren Rowse and because my mother called me umpteen times today just to navigate her through the simple task of sending a Constant Contact email, I realized that things on the net may not be as straightforward as they seem.

I want women of all ages and technical abilities to be able to access and enjoy my blog content, and so in an attempt to make this blog more reader friendly, I am authoring this post to explain some of the ways you can engage in what is going on at the Spa Party Blog.

Dig Deeper

  •  If you've found content here that sparks your interest, chances are there are more posts lurking around that you're sure to like. At the bottom of each post there are "You Might Also Like" suggestions generated by Link Within to get you started.
  • Below the Link Within suggestions is the post footer which contains the labels used to categorize/tag each post. Clicking on any of the labels will generate a list of all of the other posts in that category.
  • The major blog features like Spa Party of the Month, and K.I.S.S are easy to find via the linkbar above.
  • Looking for a specific topic? Use the "Search This Blog" feature in the upper right hand corner, or the bottom toolbar to find  posts that will suit your fancy. 
  • If you want to be a bit more adventurous you can also use the "Random" feature on the bottom toolbar that will select a post for you. 

  • Bookmark it... using your browser's toolbar you can easily add The Spa Party Blog to your list of favorites to make it easy for you to visit whenever you wish.
  • Subscribe via RSS...  by clicking the orange button in the sidebar you can subscribe and be updated each time there is a new post. To learn more about RSS technology and how it works visit Problogger's What is RSS? post 
  • Follow with the Google Friend Connect widget located in the sidebar just under the post archives. After signing up you'll also be able to invite friends.
  • Get posts straight to your inbox... By subscribing via email. Your privacy is respected and your email will not be used for any other purpose or sold if you choose to subscribe.

  • Blogging is about community. Bloggers love to know that we aren't just talking to ourselves and that others are enjoying our content, or making use of the information they obtain from our blogs. The best comments aren't just "pats on the back" but can add to the discussion that we've already started.
  • Keep the conversation going... If a post has inspired you to make a comment, you may also want to know what other people have to say in response to the post or to your comment. At the bottom of each post, under the comment form, you will find a link  that says Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom), which will allow you to be updated when new people add their 2 cents.
  • This blog isn't the only place to find me on the net, If you are interested in connecting feel free to follow me on Twitter, or shoot me an email.
  • If you've found a post that you really like, don't keep it to yourself. The wibiya toolbar at the bottom of the page allows you to easily recommend content via:, Digg, Technorati, Stumbleupon, BuzzUp, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, FriendFeed, Google Bookmarks or Windows Live.
  • Have you hosted a spa party? If you'd like to share your photos and some of the elements that made your party unique I'd love to see them and I'm sure your fellow readers would too.
  • Have ideas for a guest post, contact me so we can chat.

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