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Finding A Make Up Artist: Interview with Ivy Cooper

If you haven't gotten a chance yet, check out September's Spa Party of the Month Theme, Spaparazzi. In the Spaparazzi post, I share tips on how to throw a makeover & photo shoot party. One of the most important aspects of pulling off this type of event is hiring the right professionals to make everyone look and feel their best. However, most of us don't hire make up artists everyday, and may not know where to start. I'm so pleased that Hot-lanta  based make up artist, Ivy Cooper  took  the time to  answer a few questions about choosing the right  makeup artist for any occasion.

A bit about Ivy:

Ivy "LaArtista" is a freelance make up artist in Atlanta, Ga. She has a personal passion for all things beautiful.  Ivy has been privileged to "paint the canvas" on Metro Atlanta's faces for several years and displays her art in a unique way each and every time.  Her make up art has been featured on the faces of clients in fashion shows, weddings, proms, photo shoots, music videos, and more.  Along with offering make up services, Ivy also offers wardrobe styling and image consulting to clients.  Her focus is on helping the client to achieve "a complete image from head to toe".  Ivy is also known for her unique "Glam Night Sessions", that are personal parties for women featuring makeup services and tutorials.  With all that Ivy has offer to Atlanta's men and women it is obvious that she is focused on customer satisfaction and quality service. 

The Spa Party Blog (TSB): In my Spaparazzi party post, I mentioned some benefits of hiring a make up artist  are there any benefits that you think I may have overlooked?

Ivy: As you said, a professional make up artist will take your party to a different level, rather than just doing it yourself.  He or she has the experience, knowledge, and supplies that you most likely are not able to offer your guest.  Also, a make up artist is able to do mini tutorials on some make up basics.  It's a great idea to converse with the makeup artist prior to the party and come up with specific services that will be offered and the option of a tutorial session.  Some basics, such as makeup application, and how to choose brushes and products can be taught to your guest.

TSB: Outside of maybe our wedding days and possibly shopping at a department store beauty counter, most women outside of the beauty and entertainment industries, don't get the opportunity to work with make up artists. Would you share some tips on what we should be looking for when hiring a make up professional.

Ivy: Finding a good make up artist is just as important as finding a professional hair stylist.  Once you find one that works for you it can definitely be beneficial for years to come.  That is why it is most important that you do not rush into choosing a make up artist.  Do not be afraid to "interview" with a few different artist before settling on one that you would like to work with on a regular basis.  If you have never used a make up artist before, you may be impressed by the first one you experience.  However, choosing 3-4 artist to interview is a good way for you to see how unique each make up artist can actually be.  

Some places to find a makeup artist are: online websites (such as, beauty counters,        professional photographers, and word of mouth.  Do not hesitate to ask friends or co-workers.  Women who have planned a wedding or modeled have most likely worked with a professional make up artist and will be able to give you feedback about their personal experience.  I recommend using a "Freelance Make up Artist", because they work independently and are able to set their own schedules and prices. 

TSB: Are there any particular questions that we should ask?

Ivy: When looking for a make up artist some things to look for are:

  1. A portfolio- this is the collection of photos that demonstrates the artist's work
  2. A resume- this is a list of the artist experience, qualifications, and training
  3. Pricing list- even if an artist is negotiable with their prices, you want to be clear about what they will charge you personally for every service
  4. Sanitation procedures-how are brushes stored/sanitized, what application methods does the artist use to ensure that their is no cross contamination amongst his or her clients
  TSB: Your "Glam Sessions" sound very interesting, could you tell us a little bit more about them?

Ivy: My "Glam Sessions" consist of themed makeup parties.  One of the most fun was my "Girl's Night Out", where I did a make up makeover for every lady that attended the party and then we all went out after to show off our "Glam".  I have also done a tutorial night, where I touched on everything from shadow application to product purchasing.  Although I conduct these Glam Sessions personally, I am always willing to host one for a birthday, bridal shower, pamper party and more.  Feel free to contact me to set one up for you and your girls.

 TSB: I'm a woman who doesn't wear make up on a daily basis, even if I did want to get "dolled up" for a special occasion/girl's night my inexperience with make up would prevent me from doing so. Do you have any super simple make up tips for people like me? 

Ivy: Don't try to overdo it!  Simple CAN be sexy.  You can be dolled up with a simple shadow, mascara, and a really great lip color.  An easy tip is to apply concealer, foundation, mascara, and do the nude look with a really bold lip color.  That simple application will give you a classic, sexy look that doesn't look like you tried too hard. 

For more information, or to schedule a consultation with Ivy contact 404-401-6671.  You can also follow her on Twitter. For some inspiration for your make up party check out Ivy's work below:

make up artist examples

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