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Am I Ready For My Close Up?

I've been working for quite a while behind the scenes on some changes to my blog. If you've visted before you may have noticed that now we are at a new URL- In the coming months more of Spalibrations will be unveiled, so go ahead and subscribe to the blog now so you don't miss any of the fun.

Another thing that I've been working on is a blog makeover. Since this month's Spa Party of the Month is a makeover party, I figure now would be a good time for the unveiling. I've gone back and forth and switched color shemes, umpteen times. I've changed templates, and hacked the last one I downloaded so much that it's probably be unrecognizable to the original designers. I could probably keep re-designing my blog and changing my mind for just about ever... But today I'm forcing myself to publish it, even if it isn't perfect. 

Here is a screenshot of the old look:

I know the image isn't the clearest but you get the general idea of how the blog looked formerly.

Because I used LOTS of free web tutorials to redesign, (because I was honestly clueless on how to do any of this beyond using to Blogger's edit colors option), I wanted to include links to some of the wonderful tutorials and websites that I used, most of which are specifically for Blogspot blogs:

Split Blog Header in Two-Sections (to add, adds or logo on the right side)
Adding the Sharing Is Sexy Bookmark
Gradient Generator * and tutorial for installing photo backgrounds
(Hint: use a thin width under 5px, a pixel height that'll span the length of the page and repeat x)
Magazine-Style Drop Caps
Highlighting Author Comments (I'm still crossing my fingers on this one?)
Adding Top Menu Links *
Adding a Favicon
Inline Comments (rather than opening a new window)
Welcome Message  (Blogger, Wordpress)

* Since writing this post I have tweaked my design again and am no longer using these design elements but I'll leave the links here b/c they are still useful tutorials.

How do you like the new look? Be Honest & Leave A Comment!

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TheChicestGeek November 29, 2009 at 11:38 AM  

The layout I made for a friend was made completely from scratch using Dreamweaver CS3. Its quite simple to use if you would like to try it out.

I think the layout is very clean and to the point. Also the fonts are easy to read and you follow most of the web design rules for the most part. Its hard to follow them all. Love the colors!

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