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In The SPAtlight: ME! Bath Ice Cream

Opening a spa definitely has it's benefits. Among them is being able to test a variety of bath and body products. Last night I was up late working as usual, and by working I mean testing out my ME! Bath Ice Cream in my home office (aka the tub). I'd been hoping to work ME! Bath Ice Cream into several of my Mom & ME! treatments for mother/daughter spa parties. I received Tropical Guava, Coconut Cove, Valley of Roses, and Sandalwood Fig from the company to try out.

The first thing I noticed about the Bath Ice Cream, other than the lovely scent wafting from the box, are the colorful flavor descriptions on the back of each package. Each description readies you to take a sensory journey, and lets you know that this will NOT be your average bath.

The description on the Coconut Cove ME! Bath Ice Cream (which I tested last night) is as follows:

"Drifting on a raft, the trade winds push along until you land on a desolate island paradise. Along the beach lie coconut palms... you climb one and crack open a coconut. The sweet milk runs down your neck as you quench your thirst. Soak in you bath while sea salt and coconut milk moisturize your skin. "

And moisturize it did. After a generous amount of fizzing, I luxuriated in the skin softening concoction while enjoying the coconut scent which thankfully wasn't overpowering. I emerged from the bath with my skin feeling great, and I probably would have been relaxed had my product testing experience not been cut short by the sounds of my son waking creeping through the baby monitor.

I'm not the only person who seems to be enamored with ME!, their Bath Ice Cream has been featured in magazines such as American Spa, Parents, O, and KEWL. With 37 flavors, your sure to find one (or three) to fall in love with. I find that the fruity and floral scents are sophisticated enough for mom to indulge in yet still accessible for children.


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