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Real Party: Spa in Color

One of the ideas that I try to communicate on this blog is that spa parties don't have to be all white & cotton candy pink. I love bringing color into a spa party space to liven the mood and create a fun environment for relaxation. Today's Real Party feature is a fabulous example of how to spa in color. This mini party was designed by Kelly Porter of Porter House Designs a design firm based in the Baltimore/Washington DC area. Kelly, a color expert, and mother of three boys, hosted this girly party at her home for her eleven year old niece and a friend to enjoy just prior to a new school year. Though the party was designed for "tweens" the color palette she used works well for girls of any age.

She set the girls up for manis & pedis in the bathroom, and used her jacuzzi tub for a footbath.

The girls then headed down to the Spa Lounge for refreshments and a movie.

 All photos featured are the property of Kelly, view more via her Flickr account

For more color inspiration visit Kelly's Blog Color Sizzle.

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