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Diva is in the Details: Etiquette

Since starting this blog 10 months ago, I've shared ideas on a variety of spa party themes, and DIY elements to make your party special. This month however, I wanted to delve into the behind the scenes details/logistics that one has to consider in order to host an "a-tension stealing soiree". With the help of some great guest bloggers who will share some practical party planning tips, we'll discover why the Diva really is in the Details.

Our first guest blogger who will share some important tips on Spa Party Etiquette is Shelia Hylton DeToro Forlenza, Owner/Creative Director of Love Life Massage, a Miami  based mobile spa that she co-owns with her husband, a massage therapist. In her role as Creative Director, Shelia also acts as a the hostess for all spa parties done by the company.

The Spa Party is the newest and hottest trend in unique celebrations for any occasion, from birthday parties, to sorority reunions, to incentives and rewards for employees.  Guests are treated to massage treatments, tasty cocktails, delicious food, and an amazing good time.  These affairs are always memorable and enjoyable, though there are a few things that can make them more so.

 Parties can either be completely hosted by a person or group, where all services are paid by them.  Or, they may be arranged by a person or group, but the services are compensated individually.  When an event is paid for by one entity, the compensation to the therapists is by the hour, not by the treatment.  Hosts book a set amount of time and decide the length of individual treatments for the guests so that everyone has a chance. This type of party is least complicated, but does not allow individual guests to necessarily get the depth of treatment they would prefer.

Not everyone is open to the same types and levels of treatment, so in some occasions it may be better for people to pay for the services they will receive.  However, it is not ideal for people to make their treatment decisions at the time of the party.  This creates chaos as massage treatments and scheduling within the party may be hard to manage.  Rather, for an a la carte spa party, hosts should provide a menu in advance and guests should inform the host(s) which treatments they will happily receive.  This allows the host to give an estimated time that the massage therapists' services will be needed.

Sometimes, people decide to do extra treatments.  In that case, the guest should inform the host that he/she intends to ask for extra time and payment should be handled with the host.  By giving the therapists an estimated amount of time that they will be needed, wiggle room has been accounted and usually the extra treatment(s) can be afforded.

At least partial payment should always be done in advance to secure the therapists' time regarless of the type of party.  After the party has ended, payment should be completed and at that time the tip should be applied. Instead of indivisual tips per serice, the gratuity should be presented to the therapists based on the cost of the massage services rendered.  It is customary to tip 15-20%.  It is not mandatory, but to not doing so may be viewed as unseemly and uncultured.

Spa parties differ from regular shindigs in that the purpose is to enjoy an oasis together.  This requires the guests to show up on time so that the therapists can introduce themselves to everyone and help everyone begin to feel comfortable with the intimacy of the event.  Unless otherwise noted, guests should always RSVP and outside guests are usually not welcome. This is because the therapists' available time has been established and no one should get cheated out of his/her time to accomodate party crashers.

As with any other massage treatment, guests should be clean, in good health, and good spirits.  After all, it is a party.  Though drinks may be served at the party, guests should never be drunk as insobriety causes people not to be fully aware of their actions and the actions done to them.

Everyone wants to remember the enjoyment and pictures can capture the great moments.  Be sure to ask people if they are comfortable being photographed while receiving their treatments.  Everyone has a different level of comfort in these situations.  With that being said, hosts should make sure there are adequate facilities for people to change into massage appropriate wear (or none at all).

The spa party atmostphere is ideal for bonding, reconnecting, and having a good time.  With these tips in mind, you can have an amazing party that people will be talking about for a long time.

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FRANNIE January 9, 2010 at 7:32 AM  

Happy Saturday SITS fest!

Love the tips especially ow to tip, that part can be confusing and you don't want to get it wrong :).

Meanbean January 11, 2010 at 1:26 PM  

Great tips, and great ways to make sure everyone is comfy and has a great time!

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