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Ultimate Spaliday Party: Michelle Bouse

Today is the third day of the Ultimate Spaliday Party Series. Today's special guest is Michelle Bouse, owner of Michelle Bouse's Beauty Boutique located in Burbank, CA.

As a celebrity make-up artist & esthetician,  Michelle has had the opportunity to teach at the Los Angeles School of Makeup; star in television commercials; and tour the world as a Master Lash Artist. Most recently, Michelle's company has been certified to teach the "Look Good, Feel Better" Program for the American Cancer Society. "A National public service program created to help individuals with cancer look good,  improve their self-esteem."

So what treats would Michelle have in store for her guests if she were to host The Ultimate Spaliday Party...

If I were to host "The Ultimate Spaliday Party" with friends, I would definitely include the following elements:

1.  Coconut smelling treatments.  I am in love with FIJI products this year.  They have great scrubs, lotions and oils.
If I brought in a professional - mani/pedi treatments would be scrumptious with these products.  And OPI's new holiday line of colors is FANTASTIC!

2.  Candles!  Again, probably tropical scents although I love holiday smells.  But a spaliday party would take me to a tropical retreat and give me and my guest a break from  the craziness of the holidays.

3.  Music.  So many good choices, but to get a break from holiday tunes I would probably make a playlist of Chris Botti, Michael Buble, Jim Brickman and Josh Groban to share on my iphone or ipod.

4.  Healthy treats.  Lots of anti-oxidents.  Yummy and cold prevention.  When in doubt go for color!  I would also have everyone bring a recipe to share a favorite healthy treat.

5.  Instead a gift exchange - I would do a blessing exchange.  Everyone would have to list two things they are thankful for in their life.

6.  Charity.  So many are doing without this year, I would collect giveaways from all my guest and donate to a local charity or shelter.  (ex. coats, shoes, scarves, toys, etc.) Or I might have us all write out holiday cards to soldiers or senior citizens.

Truly the "Ultimate Spaliday Party" would made all the guest feel great as well as others this year...

If I was providing services for a "Spaliday Party"...

Manicure/pedicure services with CHINA GLAZE products and finish with OPI's Holiday colored polish is a home run. Brow designs would be a must for the holidays.  I love CLEAN N EASY Acai hard wax.
And finally mini massages with the FIJI coconut oil based products!

WOW!  What a night!  Where do I sign up?

..... OK it's me again: I LOVE that Michelle chose to incorporate giving to infuse the true Spaliday spirit in her party and encourage guest to take care of themselves & others this year. I also love the tropical theme and I'll be posting an "Island Staycation" theme for next month's Spa Party of the Month.

Don't forget that you can chime in on what treatments you'd offer for your own Spaliday Party on Facebook, and read catch up on the other posts in the Spaliday Party Series here.

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