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Ultimate Spaliday Party: Emmy Gabriel

It is the last day of the Ultimate Spaliday series,and I'm closing out with the submission from Emmy Gabriel.

About Emmy:

Emmy Gabriel is a recipe formulator and blogger for the skin care ingredient supplier, From Nature With Love.  Check out her blog, The Natural Beauty Workshop, for tons of great recipes, informative articles, and of course, From Nature With Love news and announcements.
The Natural Beauty Workshop is a great blog, and I especially enjoy the Scrub of the Month segment.

So what would an Emmy Spaliday look like...

When I put together a Spa Party, I like to approach it from a totally DIY point of view.  My girlfriends are crafty, like me, and they love getting their hands dirty with homemade spa treatments.  Having a theme is another fun aspect of party planning.  I like to pick recipes that share a key ingredient, or quality, that we can incorporate into not only the spa recipes, but our party refreshments as well.  For example, you can have a great time throwing a Strawberry Fest!  Your guests will love sipping fresh strawberry smoothies, eating berry filled crepes or fruit salad, and enjoying fun, easy to make, strawberry themed treatments.  Try creating fresh masks with plain yogurt, fresh, mashed strawberries, and Pink Kaolin Clay.  A Strawberry scented salt scrub would be another fun treat!  Simply combine 1/2 cup Bolivian Pink Salt, 2 - 4 ounces of Straweberry Seed Oil, and a 1/2 teaspoon of yummy Strawberry Fragrance Oil to create an easy, fun scrub that your guests will adore.  Using Strawberry Fragrance Oil, and our line of Skin Care Bases, its easy to create matching Lotion or Body Butter.  You could also use our Lip Balm Base Kit along with Strawberry Flavor Oil to create lip balms to send home with your guests.  Themed Spa Parties are definitely my favorite way to have a girl's night in.

What a Sweet Soiree, thanks for sharing Emmy!

Your Resident Spashionista!


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