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Spaliday Giveaway- More Ways to Enter

As promised in my original post about the $25 Spalibrations Gift Certificate Giveaway, I am writing today to reveal another way for you to enter. Too often we follow bloggers just to guarantee ourselves an entry to whichever contest(s) they may be running. Blogging however isn't just about giveaways, fun as they may be, but it is about a community of people who actually read the blog and leave comments beyond the "I'm following you on Twitter" responses left on giveaway posts. I'm glad that this giveaway has attracted new guests to the blog and I'd like to encourage them to continue visiting and reading even after the contest concludes on 12/14.

To that end I am adding an incentive to read OTHER blog posts. So between now and the close of the contest, any comments on the blog (old posts, or new...with the exception of the giveaway posts), will get you three contest entries.

To find content that interests you check out the Comment Party.

Be sure to visit the original giveaway post to view contest details and other entry methods.

Good Luck & Happy Reading!

Your Resident Spashionista!


Jayde December 8, 2009 at 6:46 AM  

Awesome idea!! You have made an excellent point. I intend to do my best to keep up with the blogs I am following.

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