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Milk-n-Cookies (Sight)

This month's Spa Party of the Month Theme is Milk-n-Cookies. If you missed the Touch post with spa treatment suggestions and the Taste post with menu suggestions be sure to check them out. In this last segment, I'll share a few ideas for decorating your Milk-n-Cookies Spajama party.

Since this is a Spajama Party the decor will be inspired by the bedroom.

Treatment Area

Photo credits from l-r [Hostess with the Mostess (2),Walmart, Party Wishes, Setting the Mood with Jamee (3), Walmart]

I just love the idea of setting the table to look like a bed. Originally done by The Hostess with The Mostess for a  bedtime story themed baby shower, the concept has been adapted by other party planners like  Donna of Party Wishes, and Jamee of Setting the Mood for fun and colorful sleepover party decor. I also like the little extras that Jamee did for this pajama party like the sweet dreams sign, and the floating candle with toe separators. Included in my photo montage, are two sheet sets available at that I think would work well for this theme.  Instead of using your "bed table" as your buffet area as Jamee did, I'd suggest using it as your treatment area. Put all of the necessary implements in the center of the table, and set a place setting for each guest, similar to the Hostess with the Mostess' table, substituting plates and napkins with manicure bowls, and hand towels. You can choose to set emory boards, nail brushes, orangewood sticks and buffers at each place setting or just have them available in small receptacles on the table.  Having manicures set up at the dining table allows guests sufficient work surface, and keeps them from having to lean over to a low coffee table or using their laps as table tops.

Cookie Buffet

One thing I've picked up from Amy Atlas' beautiful dessert bars is that she doesn't just dress the table. She often uses a backdrop which ties together the individual design elements on the table nicely. One example of this is the Moroccan inspired dessert bar she created for Sunday Suppers 

Photo: Karen Mordechai

You can make your own bed-inspired backdrop for your cookie buffet by creating an upholstered headboard. This popular DIY project is one which I undertook myself (though it was before my bloggy days so no photos, sorry); it is a relatively quick project if you have another pair of hands available. Many of the DIY tutorials you'll find online call for more expensive upholstery foam, which you can skip since you'll only be using this headboard for show. I'd also skip the drilling and do a fake-out tufting by just using my staple gun to secure the fabric where I wanted the buttons, and then glue gun the buttons on top. No need to drill new wholes in your wall, pick a place in the house where you already have photos hanging to set up your buffet, add d-rings or other picture mounting hardware to the back of your headboard, and switch out your photos for the event. If you are going to have a lot of pattern going on on the table, its a good idea to stick with a solid color headboard. If you have extra shams or pillow cases left over from the bed set you used prop some pillows up against the headboard on the table.

In Jamee's photos above you can see that she decorated the inside of the jars she used for her candy buffet (to see it done with cookies rather than candy visit the Milk-n-Cookies Taste post). This can be done with complementary fabric, scrapbook paper or wrapping paper.

For any additional decor throughout your party space, you can use storybooks and stuffed animals to add an element of whimsy.

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