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Winter Pedicure Products

During the colder months of the year, many nail salons and spas feature pedicures that are designed to warm feet through the use of hot stones, hot towels, warming scrubs, etc.. The descriptions of which often sound so alluring, until you realize that after getting these decadent treats, your newly polished and toasty toes will be exposed to the cold. For those of you who don't want your feet to hibernate all winter, here are a few products to check out for keeping feet warm and polish perfect.


Take a tip from the cast of Fame, legwarmers are a great way to keep feet warm by simply pulling them down, and come in a great variety of prices and styles. They are also flexible as a fashion item, and can be worn with heels, or over skinny jeans peeking out of a pretty fall/winter boot. One good place to start your search for legwarmers is Sock Dreams.

Moisturizing heel socks by Avon

These terry socks have a moisturizing heel infused with Vitamin E, grape seed, jojoba and olive oils. These are great for an extra boost after a home pedicure and in between salon visits.
Peeky Toes

Peeky Toes come in two varieties Peeky™ L U X E and Eco Peeky. Peeky™ L U X E is a real treat enveloping feet in a blend of 85% Italian-spun cashmere & silk. The Eco Peeky is "greener" version made with Bamboo and REPREVE® Recycled Nylon and dyed with Global Organic Textile Standard
approved dyes. Both products feature a thong to help keep the sock from slipping as well as arch support.
Bootie Pies

If you take your pedicures really seriously, Bootie Pies might be the product for you.  These Ugg-like suede boots are lined with faux sheepskin and feature a soft patent leather toe that crushes down so that toes can sit on top.

Still not in love with the idea of braving the elements for a bit of beauty, don't give up just yet, find a mobile nail salon or spa that will bring the pedicure to you.

How do you deal with the cold weather pedicure dilemma?

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