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Inspiration Board: Laundry

I thought I'd throw together a quick inspiration board to TIDE you over until the next Spa Party of the Month Feature. This laundry inspired party theme works well for either a baby shower or a Bridal shower where guests are asked to bring bath & bed linens.

INVITES: 1. Baby Shower Invitation

2.Bridal Shower Invitation

ICEBREAKER: 3. Clothespin Game (note use wooden pins for bridal shower)

GUESTBOOK: 4. Air Some Dirty Laundry

CRAFT: 5. Decorate Baby Clothes (photos: 31experiment blog)

SPA: 6. Foot Soak in Galvanized Laundry Tubs (see Most Likely Late's Blog for Milk Bath how to.)

FAVORS: 7. Handmade Lavender & Mint Dryer/Drawer Sachets

8. Linen Water (which can also double as a craft for bridal showers, packaged in aluminum, glass or plastic)

Just for Fun...

Can you guess which of these is actually hanging in my laundry room?

Now Go and Have Some Good Clean Fun!

And if you have any laundry themed party ideas please share!


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