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In the SPAtlight: Creative Manis and Pedis

One key to spicing up your spa party is to choose treatments that are not only beneficial to the body but can fit well within a given theme. You might be surprised at how many everyday ingredients from blueberries and limes, to oatmeal and couscous are used create luxurious and effective spa treatments both for the DIYer and spa clientèle. As I've been surfing the web I've come across so many creative treatment descriptions that'll be sure to have you looking at your cupboard in a whole new light. To inspire your creativity here are a few descriptions that may not only leave you wanting a mani and pedi, but might make you a little hungry as well.

Farmhouse Berry Pedicure - Lulu's by Travis Parker

the description of this pedicure gets an A++, I seriously want to hop on a plane to San Diego just to go to Lulu's, eat your heart out Elly May Clampett.

Lulu's by Travis Parker invites you to go back to the goodness of farm fresh ripened berries, home grown honey and sweet cream for the perfect summer escape. Soak your worries away in a blueberry milk bath infused with chicory root to reduce swelling and soften skin. Toes are then perfectly groomed, followed by a rice bran oil scrub to remove dead skin while sweet cream nourishes and moisturizes. Prepare to fall in love with a honey based glaze containing papaya and pineapple cells to ex foliate, hydrate and load the skin with nutrients. Our new signature massage is performed with a double moisturizer of live strawberry cells and whipped strawberry shea butter. Toes are then polished to perfection. Life on the farm never had it so good.

Shaken, Not Sittred Manicure-
The Paint Shop Beverly Hills

Select a cosmo or green apple scented hand bath prepared in a cocktail shaker ala James Bond, served up in an oversized martini glass.

Cowboy/Cowgirl Foot Treatment: Mokara Spa
Kick off your boots and relax a while. This treatment is specially designed to refresh the feet of men and women, using Texas pecans and brown sugar to exfoliate. Includes a foot mask and warm towel wrap. ( I love how they highlight the local ingredients and make it a unisex treatment)

Allyu Signature Manicures: Allyu Spa
These all sound so great it was hard to pick just one (so I didn't) here are two of the four signature treatments

These luxurious treatments draw upon the wisdom of earth-honoring cultures from around the world. Allyu nail treatments incorporate natural ingredients to beautify, nourish and detoxify your hands and feet.

Indonesian -coconut milk, brown sugar, honey, kaolin clay, yogurt, honey, and mango butter
Mediterranean - dead sea salts, aloe, couscous, orange peel, yogurt, mint, and shea butter

Mio Piedi Dolce (My Sweet Feet): Dolce Salon and Spa

This pedicure begins with a warm coco dip, followed by a gentle scrub with our Mocha Body Polish. The ground coffee beans and chocolate stimulate circulation, helping to refresh and energize your body from your feet up. A moist chocolate souffle masque is applied and covered with warm towels to assist in absorption. The treatment is finished with a soothing foot and lower leg massage using our Exclusively Dolce Chocolate Almond Body Butter. Truly a sweet retreat for your feet, it's a pedicure you won't find anywhere else. (Is anyone else craving a brownie...sounds so decadent and I'm sure it smells divine)

Hot Buttered Rum Pedicure: Jill Wright Spa for Nails

A treat so sweet without the calories! After soaking your feet in rum scented hot water, your dry winter skin is gently sloughed away with a mixture of hot buttered rum scrub and Bacardi rum. The spices and brown sugar work their magic on your skin, while the heavenly cocoa butter massage will leave your feet and legs smooth for weeks. (The how-to is featured in an article from Nails Magazine)

Nails Magazine's FEET Signature Services segment is a great resource for more ideas, inspiration and how-tos. Nails Magazine also has an article titled The Art of Entertaining that has five different spa party themes complete with spa treatments, food and music suggestions.

Like the following Mexican Fiesta:

Food & Drink:
tortilla chips and salsa/guacamole
bite-size slices of Mexican-style pizza
mini-flan custard cups

piñata (consider filling it with trial-size retail products for party favors)
strings or clusters of chili pepper lights
sombreros (try placing these at the reception desk to set the mood)
brightly colored (red, yellow, and orange) manicure towels
potted cacti

Specialty Service:
Margarita Pedicure
courtesy of Radiant Salon, Carson City, Nev.

Soak the guest’s feet in water that’s enhanced with a shot of tequila (for detoxification). Exfoliate legs and feet with a blend of sea salts and organic essence of lime oil. Trim, file, and buff toenails. Massage lime body butter into legs and feet. Drizzle warm coconut oil, infused with lime and ginger, over the legs and feet. Place feet in heated booties for five minutes. Polish nails.

Alternate Names:
Welcome to Margaritaville
Cinco De Mayo Party

Listen To:
The Best of Ricky Martin (Ricky Martin)
Buena Vista Social Club (Ry Cooder; Buena Vista Social Club)
compilation CD of mariachi, salsa, or mambo songs 

Need more help in coming up with your own creative treatments check out my 7 S Strategy for a checklist. 


Patty August 8, 2009 at 2:53 AM  

Hi, I'm stopping by from SITS as part of the Saturday Sharefest.

I think you have a great idea with mobile spas. How creative is that? And you're right. I had no idea that some of those common household items could be used as spa treatment. Thanks a bunch!

Dreamgirl August 8, 2009 at 8:12 AM  

Oh... I would love one of those pedicures...
I'll have a Margarita too!

Just stopping by from SITS wishing you a VERY HAPPY SATURDAY SHAREFEST!

See you around!

La Belle Mere UK August 8, 2009 at 9:00 AM  

Oh, I wish I lived your side of the pond so I could have some of these treatments. They sound yummy! I heart pedicures A LOT!

Stopping by from SITS

LBM Xxxx

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