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Everything's Comin' Up Roses: Sight

Photo: Bride.ca

This Bridesmaid's Brunch is all about the Bridal Party kicking back before the big day. With a wedding to tend to it is unlikely that anyone from the Bridal Party will be able to focus much time or money on the decor for this party. Therefore, I'll just give a few simple ideas that'll help set the mood for the affair without breaking the budget.

First off are the towel cakes... Towel cakes, made to look like wedding cakes, often make an appearance at Bridal Showers. A customary three tiered towel cake consists of 2 bath towels, 2-3 hand towels and 2-3 face cloths. Throughout this Bridesmaid's brunch, estheticians will likely be using hand towels while performing their services. The requisite linens can be presented to guests as mini towel cakes, fashioned using the instructions here. To incorporate the damask and rose theme, you can use a thick yellow satin ribbon and center damask tape from TapeSwell or Twos Company over it. After you've cut the ribbon to fit around each of your cake tiers apply the tape to the ribbon allowing some tape to hang over one edge, use the overlapping tape to secure the ribbon around the cake. Once you've got your tiers in place top the cake with yellow silk roses.

For the buffet table, use a cheap but cheery yellow paper table cloth and dress it up with a runner made of damask wrapping paper. Offer a mix of yellow, black and white disposable plates, napkins and utensils for guests to serve themselves with. To jazz up your drinks and help incorporate the flavored syrups, you can make easy drink umbrellas using this template, and these basic instructions. You can also add small beads to the tops of the umbrellas, by varying the color and number of beads you can help guests distinguish their drinks.

The Etsy shop Paper and Cake also makes it super simple for you to dress up any party with their printables. Their Dinner for Two Damask Tablescape package includes all the templates you'll need to print: beautiful napkin rings, candle wrappers, wine glass tags, place cards, menus, food lables, cupcake picks, gift tags, invitations and a gift card holder with pillow box all for only $5, this package is currently available in black and white with hot pink accents, but the shop owners will create a custom color scheme for $20.

Bonus Project: Chapstick Pockets

Photo: Momento Magazine

This project might be a bit much for a Bridesmaid's Brunch, but it is just too cute not to mention since it goes so well with the theme. Instructions on how to make these can be found at Sarah's Ink Spot.


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