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Hippie Luxe: Sights

Note: If you click on the photo above you'll be taken to the Polyvore set, where all items are listed and hyperlinked to their original site.

The color palette for this party was originally inspired by Hendrix's Purple Haze. Purple is associated with both nobility and spirituality. It's deep jewel tones lend itself to a sophisticated and "luxe" take on hippie decor. Green is also an element in this party, whereby I tried to incorporate recycled and sustainable materials for the dinner and serveware; and even the bamboo hand towels for spa treatments.

Hippie is the perfect theme to accommodate an eclectic mix and match of serving platters. If you have any silver platters or chargers laying around now is the time to pull them out. Recycled materials, such as the recycled wine bottle platter pictured above also lend themselves to the overall hippie vibe. Instead of often flimsy, and rarely cute paper plates, use disposable bamboo plates, which are nicer looking, more sturdy, biodegradable and made from sustainable material, disposable bamboo utensils are also available.

To add to the luxe and sophisticated feel of a spa party silver is also used as an accent color. One way to mix earthy and silver is to use sliver leaf to decorate river rocks using this tutorial by
poopscape . Download a free hippie font and number rocks so that guests can pick them to determine in what order they'll receive their "stoned" massage treatments. Rocks can also be adorned with other symbols of the day such as peace signs and hearts to be used throughout the party.

One of the elements definitely drawn from the hippie era is the beaded curtain. I opted for a single shade for a more modern feel. The curtain can be used either to define spaces, separating treatment areas from social areas or hung on the wall behind the buffet table to create a focal point. If the color/print on the wall clashes with the beads try draping a black or metallic fabric behind them. Another more subtle way to incorporate beads into your decor is to use beaded wine bottle covers/skirts (as pictured above), even if you aren't serving alcohol it is a way to jazz up your sparkling lemonade or cider bottles, hurricane lamps or pillar candles.

Another item drawn straight from that period is this lava lamp which fits nicely with the other metallic elements. Also check out the iLava ipod docking station pictured above.

Even if you weren't a Dead Head, try incorporating the bandana featuring the band's dancing bear in a mandala pattern, into your tablescape. They can be used to line the dish in which you serve your granola or set them under some of your platters. If you are the crafty type sew a few together to make a table runner.

Mandalas often find their way into hippie decor from this bandana, to t-shirts or wall tapestries. This mandala design kit makes it easy for anyone over 6 to create their own mandala pattern. Use your artwork throughout your party, as laminated coasters, invites, and more.

In fact, paper is a wonderfully versatile and inexpensive decorative tool. Fish Lips, whose Purple Haze recycled wrapping paper is featured in the photo above, provides a list of ways to reuse their wrapping paper instead of disposing it after used for gifts. Some of their ideas include framing it for use as a wall hanging, or using it to mat photographs, especially black and white ones. A bold printed paper is perfect for use as a mat when using a floating photo frame (also pictured above). If your hippie spa party is being thrown in someone's honor as a 50th, 60th or over the hill birthday party print out photographs of the honoree in varying sizes and use inexpensive photo frames. The photo display can be set up on a table or hung on a wall, or done as a collage on a sign in board.

Mini photo frames, like the one with pressed flowers in the picture above, can also be used to label the food at the buffet table.

There are plenty of ways to bring a hippie feel to your party decor, be creative and above all have fun.


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