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Tweet of the Week May 22nd

This weeks tweet of the week is a simple one. I actually messed up when posting it to twitter so the tweet just included a url and nothing else

Actual tweet:

I'm pretty sure that no one actually followed the link, unless it was out of sheer curiosity. I chose this as my tweet of the week not only to give it a second go, but because this link leads to good tips on nail care from a salon professional The article "10 Things I've Learned from Doing Manicures and Pedicures Professionally" was authored by Shenna McCallum of the Spa Girl Beauty Blog .

You'll have to visit the link in order to read Shenna's full article, but I'll summarize her insights here:

1. Dry skin and callus are two different things
2. You can file callus wet or dry
3.People always use too much product
4. Soaking in water weakens the polish
5. Neutralize the nail before polishing
6. Yes you do need a base and top coat
7. Avoid the skin
8. Polishes have personality
9. People will continue to use a product even if it doesn't work...
10. Be consistent, patient, and realistic

I highly suggest you do read the full article to get the full insight from someone who knows fingers and toes.


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