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K.I.S.S. - Block Posters

Often times when people plan parties, they get so caught up in the guest list, menu and activities that decor gets overlooked. When throwing small events many people also do not want to shell out a bunch of money on decorations that will end up collecting dust in the garage or attic after the party is over. A super simple and cheap way to set the mood for your event is to create a photo mural using Blockposters.com.

All you have to do is choose an image to upload, then slice your image into tiles depending on how large you want your final product to be, the site then converts your image into a pdf file for you to print.

Below are examples of posters created by blockposter's users that I borrowed from the photo gallery

When each portion of your image prints out there will be a border on the page to prevent the image from getting cut off in the printing process. You can leave the border there for a tile effect or simply cut if off with scissors to get the original image just supersized. Try mounting the images on foam core with spray adhesive instead of trying to tape them all to a wall. You can also use mod podge decoupage glue over top of the picture to get a matte, satin or glossy finish. Get creative you can use personal shots of family and friends, movie posters, landscapes or even a really beautiful pattern. Take your mural up a notch by adding effects or text using a free photo editing website like fotoflexer or picnik.

Pull out the red carpet, and place a photo mural at the entrance to your event for guests to pose in front of like the couple below. For more red carpet inspiration visit redcarpetrunway.com

And as always if you have a simple party tip email ikissandtell@hennergyspaparties.com and it could be featured here (you'll be given credit of course).


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